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Have you ever desired to become element of your own heist movie? Well, you can now live the dream with the video slot, Action Bank. Experience a 5×3 reel slot with eye-popping features and a lot of action-packed choices to win your self some money from an industrial-sized vault. Solve combination locks to dig further into the vault, land special bonus icons to provide your self a boost, and keep taking as much prizes as you can along the way. With up to 20 paylines to win on, it’s time for you to test your luck and skills. Barcrest, the provider of the title, has managed to get available in the united kingdom, Australia, and a whole lot more areas world wide.


When you think about bank robberies, you always picture super-sized vaults with a huge amount of extra security locks and special gears that run through it. With metal plating within the walls and doors, it really is nearly an impossible task to the untrained eye. This is exactly what the overall game truly inspires. It immerses you right into a heist-style movie where you could run around as an expert thief. Also, your aim is always to break in to the world’s most dependable bank. Why is this 1 unique is its obsession with the children’s game, noughts, and crosses. Circles and X’s will be making most the reels, and it’s through this mini-game, does the slot enhance its fun nature.

The reels will be surrounded by metal plating. Even the font it self will be imprinted with a metallic surface to prove that everything in this game, as soon as you start, it is a lock that needs to be unlocked. The sounds of the reels spinning will sound nearly the same as a combination lock that you’ll use in locked doors or suitcases. When you land and score a prize, the sound of the vault opening provides you further and additional to the actual prize within.


Play Action Bank to win yourself money and prizes through landing symbols in the proper combination. In the event that you land a higher value symbol in a combination, you get to win more money. Since you will find 20 paylines, you can use them to score multiple combinations in one spin, meaning more prizes for you personally. The bonus mechanics will be utilized to help win you more money, which incorporates some fun and active mini-games to keep things interesting. Whenever you land them, you will be in for more chances to win or gain a better chance of earning a big win altogether.

RTP for the slot is calculated at around 96. 04%. This is a typical rating, and you have fair chances of winning something lucrative. Volatility is of medium range. Regardless, if you should be a veteran gambler or a newbie, only luck decides your destiny here.


A paytable can be the most vital tool in a free no download slot games arsenal. This is used to look at how much each symbol in the game will probably be worth and everything you are designed for winning. This could change because of numerous factors. Firstly, the potential payouts will differ based on the manner in which you have a bet. Secondly, the currency which version you are playing will also cause them to become differ. Australian currency will change to British pounds, for instance. Here’s what you are able to win with an overall total bet of just one. 00:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
The online slot only uses three different kinds of symbols. These symbols all come from classic casino games, which you can find in land-based casinos aswell. The smallest paying symbol is the X. This X complements the theme of Noughts and Crosses. X:x5 – x50
The next highest paying symbol may be the BAR icon. This BAR icon can be used in classic 3×3 slots and many physical copies of slots in real life. BAR: x10 – x100
The greatest paying symbol in the overall game is lucky # 7. This lucky number always represents the jackpot in whatever gambling product you are playing. Lucky 7: x20 – x500


Bonus and promotion features will come with the slot to provide you with a better chance at winning some amazing rewards. All you’ve got to accomplish to unlock them is to utilize the special symbols which can be split up from the first ones. Some tips about what to anticipate once you start playing:

  • The Wild may be the mischievous joker that’s hidden within a coin. The objective of the Wild is indeed you can substitute any other symbol in the overall game and fill out gaps for possible combinations allowing more chances for you really to win.
  • The Scatter is a golden vault icon. The Scatter, when landed with three or more, can reward you with extra free spins to work with. According to how many Scatters you land will determine how many free spins, either between 5 or 30.
  • The free spin rounds can unlock three different types of multipliers for you to use to earn much more money- the diamond, ruby, and sapphire multipliers, with diamond being the greatest. Land these different colours to earn the Big Bank Bonus.
  • Yet another Scatter may be the Circle. The Circle can be used to unlock the Noughts and Crosses mini-game. Score a distinct circles or X’s, and you may earn your self an immediate prize.


Should anyone ever wish to practice with the game beforehand, you have a couple of options. Simply, locate a demo on our website and get access to the free play version with no registration required. You may also down load Action Bank on the internet to play without spending any a real income and play to your heart’s content. Practising without any actual money implies that you can risk at no cost and see everything the slot provides before starting playing the actual version. It allows you to practice in preparation first and get better acquainted.

Once you are ready to play for real money, the bonuses will be the key to winning big. You will find two types of Scatters to aim for. Both can lead to big rewards provided do you know what you are carrying out with all of them. The normal Golden Vault Scatter can be a selection of luck, with you trying to find the three different coloured multipliers to increase winnings. The Noughts and Crosses game can cause smaller prizes, nonetheless it can be easier if you’re skilled at that kind of mini-game.


Barcrest is a studio that has produced many games because of their supervising company, SG Digital. Scientific Games have worked to develop numerous projects to greatly help out studios such as for example Barcrest by offering an unlimited amount of resources and money to guide these developments. SG has always wished to be the pioneers in on the web gambling games because they have already been working towards building a thorough repertoire of talented developers. All in order that high-quality games could be created for casinos all over the world.

SG Digital is called the house of scientific and technological developments in terms of the ongoing future of online gaming. Recently they have just established a partnership with Norsk enterprises to help expand their world wide input in to the industry. Accessing further studios and technology supports their mission to build a better future for gaming.


Action Bank is very heavy on the definition of of keeping everything exciting for as long as possible, introducing bonus games and other features. It really is so that you have as much fun playing as winning. Its style is extremely consistent, going as far as to create every facet very metallic and heavy-hitting. You’ll find some extra challenges aswell, rendering it ideal for both beginners and veterans to really have a go at.


Where can I play this slot for free?

You can download the free version from the state site of Barcrest or from SG Gaming. Review sites such as this you can likewise have them.

How many scatters are there?

You will find two different Scatters that activate two different kinds of bonuses. One involves finding jewelled coins, as the other involves playing a mini-game.

What is the jackpot?

Because there is no official jackpot, the greatest you are able to score is gaining the diamond multiplier with a max five combination of Lucky 7.

Where can I play the slot?

SG Digital has hands in the UK, Australia, and other major parts of Europe.