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In ancient Egypt, the true power originated in the pharaoh. Here, the pharaoh may be the person who rules overall and decides who’s fortunate enough to bestow riches upon. The absolute most famed ruler of them all is the all-powerful and beautiful Cleopatra. Experience her true magnificence with this 5×3 reel grid and win money from up to 20 paylines. Utilize the special luxury symbols to earn your self more prizes. You could even score a big win by landing the queen herself. It’s all your decision to try and conquer her favour with the all-new slot game. It is available from the program provider, IGT, in countries such as for example Australia and the UK.


There is certainly so much to unpack in terms of a slot game based around the illustrious queen. It is known that even her eyes were so wondrous that they could hypnotize men at a single glance.

This will be the major portrait of the slot and what makes it stand out of the line of all the other online slot games. Her wide eyes, covered in glamorous makeup, shine a magical light onto your screen. The pyramids that she rules over, observed in the backdrop, turn into a setting for where the reels happen. The blazing sun and shimmering desert all provde the feeling of really being in Egypt and consuming the culture that was emerge stone by the great queen.

The reels themselves are created with just as much detail just like the face of the queen herself. The golden drawings, using Egyptian architecture as a basis, form the sides of the reels. Every symbol represents a certain artefact that’s owned by Cleopatra. Along with this, there was still that casino feeling that shows you that is a game title where you can play to win, just like the land-based casino that uses the theme of Egypt aswell. It pays homage to the classic whilst bringing in the brand new.


Play Cleopatra to win your self prizes by landing combinations, just as the old slots in land-based casinos. You need to land the same symbol more than once in a row on a payline to win your self a payout. Land more symbols in a row to win a level bigger payout. When you can land multiple combinations on multiple paylines, this implies you are able to win more prizes within a single spin. If you’re in a position to land special symbols, this will activate bonuses that will lead to bigger rewards. With classic gameplay from old slots, the overall game will be suited to beginner gamblers.

The RTP is calculated at around 95. 02%. This really is less than average, yet you also have odds of hitting big. Additionally, it lets players set their expectations. So , they need to make bets guardedly and wait for the best moment. Volatility is at a medium rate.


Below you will find the paytable. This really is employed by players to look at how much they are able to win by examining the worth of each and every symbol. The amount of symbols you land may also regulate how big the prize is, that the paytable will even explain to you. Five of a kind is bigger than three of a sort, for instance. Depending on simply how much without a doubt will determine the payout size as well, so check accordingly. If you should be playing different localization, this may also change. Australian currency will come with the Australia version of the overall game. This is what you are able to win with a bet of 2. 00:

Symbol DescriptionSymbol Value (2x to 5x)
The fundamental paying symbols will be the traditional card numbers present in most casinos online. They’re all written in Egyptian font in order that they match the theme of the slot. # 9 could be won with just two of a kind.9: 2 – 100

10, J, Q, K: 5 – 100

A: 10 – 125

The next tier of symbols may be the artefacts that Cleopatra has gained dominion over in her years of rule.Eye of Horus: 10 – 50 – 250

Sceptres: 10 – 75 – 250

Relic: 15 – 400

The last tier of symbols may be the two most prized possessions in the queen’s tomb along with herself being the last prize. The land here, and also you could win the biggest possible reward there was. These symbols may also be won with just two of a kind.Fan, Scarab: 2 – 750

Cleopatra: 10 – 10,000


The bonus and promotion features are all designed for easy use and better rewards. This includes granting you more chances of winning than before, along with increasing how big the prize altogether. Listed here is a list of all the available bonuses that you can unlock from landing special symbols:

  • The Queen icon may be the highest paying award, but it also acts whilst the Wild. The Wild can substitute for any other symbol in the game and may allow gaps to be filled in possible combinations. They are able to substitute everything except the Scatter.
  • The Scatter is shown as a Golden Pharaoh. The Pharaoh can be landed anywhere and doesn’t have to be in a row to be able to activate. This will trigger 15 free spins for you really to utilize with the bet you have.
  • Throughout the free spins, in the event that you land the pharaoh again, it’s going to activate a multiplier bonus together with your regular winnings. Up to five Pharaohs can trigger 100x your initial bet. All regular winnings throughout the free spins will have a 3x multiplier regardless.
  • You are able to still trigger free spins once more through the ones you already have. Up to a maximum of 180 free spins may be triggered.


Should you want to score some practice beforehand, there exists a way you are able to down load Cleopatra free of charge and play with no utilization of real cash. The free play version may be accessed directly from the state site of IGT, or from any other review site such as this one. Playing the demo enables you to practice as much times as you’d like without the need to risk your finances meanwhile. This allow you to learn all the rules and stay current with the RTP and volatility.

When you begin playing for real cash, there will be no difference in both versions whatsoever. Aside from now, you will be playing seriously to win. The key to winning big is always to get those Scatters. The Wild could possibly get you to some big prizes, however the multipliers used in the free spins can grab you more. When you can keep triggering the free spins again and again, you will be up to win incredible levels of money—all within the utilization of just one bet.


Today it is even better to play on the web since most casino sites are mobile compatible. The player can download a different Cleopatra slots app for an iOS device or Android smartphone. However , the websites are made to work optimally for small mobile screens directly in the browser. Ergo, casino computer software will open as freely on Linux or on Windows desktop as it will on a Blackberry device. Ergo, it is simple to decide to try slots on line on your own smartphone or tablet, either for fun or with a real income wagers.


IGT, also referred to as International Game Technology, is amongst the most recommended software providers when it comes to developing games with updated tech and innovation. Around the globe, they’ve helped promote safer on the web gambling thanks to their whole array of tools and abilities which have allowed their players to take pleasure from themselves along with earning cash. Their recent games have all delved deep in to classic casino gambling, along with adding new additions to keep them promising in comparison to your competitors. Among the most notable games are HexBreaker, Zodiac Lion, and Super Star Poker.


If you would like something which feels classic but is considering the fact that modern touch, then that is a slot title for you personally. It has proven to be simple to learn and intensely rewarding thanks to the straightforward free spins system and the bonus multipliers. If you should be a beginner casino player that wishes to find yourself in the online world without worry or hassle, then this slot may be that perfect gate way into the wonderful sea of on line gambling.


Where can you access this title for free?

IGT will offer an exclusive free play version to download to enable you to have a taste for yourself. Review sites likewise have a copy of the demo.

What is wild?

The Wild is the Cleopatra symbol, which is also a high-value payout. Utilize it to earn significantly more likelihood of winning, which can make you win big.

Who was Cleopatra?

Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt before Caesar’s invasion and was credited to be the most successful queen of her lineage.