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Epic Gladiators slot game includes a cartoon look and animated elements. The overall game reminds of the great old video game days. Unlike the epic fights that gladiators did in olden times, this slot is a cartoon-like game from Evoplay. The software provider brings forth an unusual slot design, predicated on 7 rows of different symbols and another playing field. The action takes place on top of the reels whilst the wins in the fights cause free spins, good gains, and bonus payouts.


Epic Gladiators online game requires a cartoon-like stance with tiny gladiator heroes who fight skull-headed tiny villains. Indeed, one may be misled to believe that there could be epic fights and wins in a medieval arena. Instead, what one finds is a familiar gaming setting. Against the outer limits of a city and under a bright, blue sky, a little hero fights with three skull-headed villains of the same size. The key reels can be found underground. It has a unique 7-row and 7-reel design.
If you download this pc software from Evoplay site, you will find 7 rows of unique symbols. The primary playing field has Kilevius whilst the main character. He fights against the evil spirits. In the reels below, as a fantastic combination lands, the fitness of the enemy decreases. If Kilevius is prosperous in killing an enemy, a bonus round of free spins gets activated. A person can get up to 10, 15 and maximum of 20 free rounds. You will find symbols in the shape of three gladiators, Spintacus, Wild Crixus and Maximus. Each provides a bonus additionally.
Design details of the slot make it represent a cartoon-like gaming. An open playing field near a city is where in actuality the action occurs between the hero and the skull-headed villains. The reels spin below the floor, enabling gamblers to observe the different symbols bring about the wins. Also, as a victory comes about on top, the reels move into free spins mode. The gladiators also come by and bring relief to the mood and uplift bankroll with extra features. Even while, there is certainly soothing, comic music that runs in the background.
This slot was originally released in December 2017. Evoplay offers superior gaming technology and unique gameplay experience. This particular slot is made using HTML5 technology with match 3 lines strategy for wins. It posseses an RTP of 95.68% and is of low to high volatility. The entire HD game resolution ensures good visuals and animation that runs smooth, whether one runs it on desktop or on cellular devices.


If you visit a Australian casino, you will find the following novel features of this title:

  • Epic Gladiators slots have a unique 7×7 format;
  • There are free spins and bonus rounds linked to the different characters;
  • Unique gameplay with the chance of winning a maximum of 800 coins.


Epic Gladiators includes different symbols based on the game theme. There are no basic deck card icons among the theme-based icons. The feng shui elements pay out the lowest in cash prizes. One starts with an earth element that will be represented by the boulder. The awards are available in when minimum five of the same are located on the reels. From then on comes the water drop and the cloud. There is certainly the fire symbol aswell. The higher paying icons would be the gladiators and their armour. These contain the helmet, the sword, and the shield. The greatest paying icon may be the skeleton shield.

Symbols Payout*x5x13-x14x15
Skeleton Shield2700800

*The payouts are multiplied by the bet forming a winning amount.


There are several features in the Epic Gladiators slot machine that make this game distinct. For instance:


This is actually the main bonus round. It occurs when Kilevius, the key hero, kills the enemies. Once this happens, the Free spins activate, and these increase according to the number of enemies defeated. For example, with one enemy defeated, you will find 10 spins for free. When two enemies are defeated, one can find 15 spins at no cost. The maximum free spins happen when 3 enemies are defeated by Kilevius.


This is one gladiator who happens when free spins start. If Maximus is selected randomly, he’ll cause the x2 multiplier effect along side free spins. Everytime an enemy is defeated, the multiplier value increases by 1 .


This is another gladiator icon. When he appears, 3 symbols turn into the wild at random. Whenever a victory does occur, it contributes to 1 more symbol being replaced. This, subsequently, helps increase winning combinations.


This is a gladiator who happens and allows 2 symbols to change randomly. Symbols swap positions and other symbols think about it. This help make winning combinations. As every enemy is defeated, a symbol’s position changes in the current presence of this gladiator.
The overall game showcases an epic battle. You will find appealing extra features such as for example different powers for the different characters, from the hero to the gladiators. The playing field above the reels is where the action happens. With each winning combination, one could start to see the health of the enemies reduce in the playing field.
Kilevius may be the fearless warrior here. He fights against the evil enemies and brings about free spins. These match the amount of enemies the guy can defeat. Appropriately, the wins are about 10, 15 to 20 in many free spins. Kilevius activates the free spins, and these rounds also result in different surprises. For example, as free spins start, a gladiator can come by to boost the mood as well as bankroll. For instance, Maximus really helps to result in a multiplier impact on the wins. Crixus turns 3 symbols in to wilds at random. Spintacus, on the other hand, replaces emblematic for a wild. He can make two symbols randomly swap the positions. That also helps increase the likelihood of winning combinations being created.


If you wish to play Epic Gladiators slot machine, there are easy steps to follow.

  • The game works across 7 rows and reels;
  • To start playing one must place bets using the + and – buttons on the window in the underside panel;
  • There are always a minimum and maximum wager range; this varies from 10 coins or 0. 1 per spin to 100 coins or maximum value of 500;
  • Once the bets are placed, one can press the Spin button in the middle of the bottom panel;
  • Addititionally there is an autoplay option; this will lead to a set number of spins uninterrupted and showcase some wins as well;
  • In the base game, one needs to find at least five symbols which can be a match, either across horizontally or vertically that form winning combination;
  • Once the hero kills a rival, a bonus round of free spins come on. The start happens with a gladiator who additionally happens to improve the mood as well as bankroll. Maximus provides free spins along side 2x multiplier; also Wild Crixus can turn 3 symbols into wilds randomly; Spintacus makes two symbols swap positions randomly; this also increases likelihood of making a winning combination;
  • Among the various theme-based icons, the skeleton shield is highest paying; if one can land all 15, it provides a maximum payout of 800 coins, which is a big win; the other symbols that offer lucrative payouts would be the sword, the shield, and the helmet. After these come the current weather of nature such as for instance clouds, fire, water droplets and stones; if one is able to land 5 to 15 of a kind, this leads to good payouts;
  • Wild can be emblematic here. The hand with a black ball represents the wild icon. This substitutes for other symbols and helps form winning combinations.

To be able to see good wins in this video game, it’s possible to begin by wagering the maximum for each spin. To be able to know the way the payouts occur, it is best to run the software in free or demo mode. There are several legitimate casinos in Australia where one can try this Evoplay title for free or for real money. RTP here is 95% which is market average.


Epic Gladiators slot game by Evoplay offers innovative games that try to modernize the iGaming industry. This gaming software development studio has several firsts in innovation technology in this category, including 3D and VR games. Their portfolio includes about 60 slots and other instant-play computer software, including dining table games. Many of these can be obtained as free play which people can try at different websites. Indeed, there are several casino sites where one can download Epic Gladiators game and use a promotion on offer.
Evoplay offers a different theme and gameplay in this title. The grid structure, as well as a win meter, is comparable to titles like Bejeweled 2 but this developer adds on a cartoon-like effect for this slot game. The epic aspect is carried out in the generous wins that the symbols provide. The 3D details are impressive, and are also the cute battles that go on. The generous gladiators bringing on wins and random features get this to a title that may keep carefully the interest of experienced slot enthusiasts as well.


This creation of Evoplay can be an unusual setup and deserves attention from slot lovers. It’s an excellent product that also offers rewarding wins for the luckiest players. What sort of reels move or the bonus features come about is unlike what one will see in many slot games. The setup of the reels is also unusual, that of 7×7 format. The player may have both an immersive gaming session and generous payouts here. Though RTP is average, it’s a slot worth trying with real money. Many casinos offer lucrative bonuses to play this game.


Is it possible to win real money?

Yes, this slot posseses an RTP of 95% that promises standard odds of winning for real money play. Also, it’s a game title of low to high variance.

What is the biggest jackpot?

The biggest jackpot that one can win here comprises 800 coins.

Play online or download?

There is no requirement to download the application. It streams smoothly on desktop along with small-screen devices like smartphones or tablets. Several casino apps have this pc software available. Which makes it feasible for players to decide to try the program on the run.