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Red Tiger Gaming, the prominent and innovative iGame computer software provider, developed the Elegant slot machine resembling the original good fresh fruit machines powered by hi-tech and speedy performance. Within couple of years of its arrival at the casino on line market, the Elegant video slot has gained remarkable popularity to claim a top rank among other UK online slots. Besides all the fruit symbols in gameplay, the numeric digit ‘Lucky Seven’ in addition has been retained from the original slot games. Nevertheless , the scatter ‘Five Star’ symbol makes the title as it offers the Jackpot winning payout of the overall game.


The format of Five Star slot offers classic three rows but five reels. Since most of the paylines are fixed, the coin value regulates the total stake which ranges from 0. 20 whilst the minimum to 40. 0 as the maximum coin size.
The ‘Total Stake’ with ‘+’ and ‘−’ buttons can be used to adjust the bet amount. Besides using the spin button, you are able to swipe within the screen to spin the reels – that’s an updated edition to Touchscreen Tech.


  • The golden ‘Five Star’ logo on a star may be the slot-title the highest-paid symbol of the slot. 3, 4, or five scatters landing anywhere on the reels pay 30×, 100×, or 500× the full total stake respectively. Here is the jackpot payout of the game at the max bet of 40. It could rise to 20, 000 (500 × 40). However , it’s not peak payout of 5 star slots, as the Repeat Spin feature offers 2, 000× the bet.
  • Repeat Spin ×10. Every win on the reels of Five Star free slots activates the ‘Repeat Spin’ feature. The audio-visual ramifications of this feature show that the reels are trying to spin. But the feature gets triggered at random. If initiated, the reels will spin preventing with the same symbols on the reels as in the last win or wins ergo resulting in yet another win amount corresponding to the last payout. The feature may possibly either repeat it self or not, this will depend on luck. The most possible quantity of repetitions is fixed at 10. When that takes place, you may well be rewarded with an amazing amount of a real income, that may go up to 80, 000 at the max bet of 40 (2, 000 × 40).

Since it has been discussed earlier in the day in the review, the jackpot amount provided by 5 star scatter symbols is 20, 000. But only 1 repeat spin has been offered on the jackpot. If you’re in luck, the amount could be doubled what is the Super Jackpot of the overall game corresponding to 40, 000 (20, 000 ×2). Still, you are actually aware that it could not be the best payout. Five 7’s on a dynamic payline form the golden payline payout at the max bet of 7, 200 which might be incremented up to 72, 000 as a result of 10 Repeat Spin rounds.

All Win Values in (credits) for 1 Credit Bet Per Payline with 3 Credit as Total Stake (TS) Five Star Slot Paytable No-Deficit Wins Returns TS Amount
‘Of a Kind’ on an Active Payline
Symbols 3 (Three) Total Stake 4 (Four) Total Stake 5 (Five) Total Stake Wins ≥ TS
Low Cherry 3 ×1 9 ×3 27 ×9 3
Lemon 6 ×2 18 ×6 54 ×18 BW 3
Orange 9 ×3 27 ×9 81 ×27 BW 3
Plum 12 ×4 36 ×12 BW 108 ×36 BW 3
Grapes 18 ×6 54 ×18 BW 192 ×64 MW 3
Watermelon 30 ×10 BW 90 ×30 BW 270 ×90 MW 3
High 7 60 ×20 BW 180 ×60 MW 540 ×180 MG 3
Golden Payline
Five-Star Scatter TS ×30 BW TS ×100 MW TS ×500 JW 3
TS: Total Stake BW: Big Win MW: Mega Win JW: Jackpot Win 24/24
Note: All Wins (except For Scatter) are Subjected to Random Multiplier Up To ×10

The paytable has been modified to supply higher payouts for every single of the symbols along with the highest paying scatter. Hence, the jackpot payout of the game has increased from 300× the sum total stake to 500×. Here, most of the payouts are No-Deficit Wins returning the sum total stake amount − even the smallest amount of valued ‘Cherry’ symbol for the smallest ‘3 of a kind’ combo. One-third of the payouts reunite 1× to 9× the full total stake as the other two-thirds pays from 10× to 180×. The most win on an energetic payline is 180× the full total stake which may be thought to be the golden payline win or the Mini Jackpot.


The Elegant on the web shows medium volatility with an RTP of 96. 10%. Despite being truly a traditional slot without wild or special bonus rounds, the overall game has occupied a top slot rank at UK online casinos.
With just 3 play lines, several consecutive spins may end up in no wins. Start with the best possible bet and if no big wins happen throughout the first 100 spins, leave the overall game and reload it. The points to bear in mind:

  • The repeat spin feature may offer small wins and pay multiple times the big win amount which might turn out to be a mini jackpot.
  • Last but not least, the bet amount will not appear to affect the gameplay. Hence, begin with the best and boost the bet when more wins occur.
  • Moreover, the winning payouts indicated in the paytable of the game have been increased by not quite 50% to offer a much better window of opportunity for big wins despite low-paying combos.
  • With just (7 + 1) symbols on the reels, the concentration of matching symbols is quite high. Thus, even 5 of kind landing on 2 reels seems possible.
  • Usually do not underestimate the ‘Reload’ suggestion − it’s the same as reloading your luck for a mega fortune.


Five Star free slots no download no registration may be played for fun in the practice mode. Free slot games offered on several online casino game sites. Any browser with Adobe Flash Player plug-in enables the flash version of the overall game to be played on laptops or desktops.
The same flash version can be played on outdated mobiles through flash-enabled mobile browsers. Here, the flash content operates in the cloud and sends over the output to the mobile. But the updated mobiles will run on the Touchscreen mobile version made available from Red Tiger Gaming. No down load no registration are essential to play demo free on the web slots.


Keeping the elegant vintage layout intact, Five Star is equipped with advanced and lucrative features to allure world wide slot lovers – the old-school and new ones. The contemporary control panel offers high-speed spin and turbo buttons, and the autoplay button can perform up to 100 automatic spins uninterruptedly. High-speed loading and swift interactive response are the other advantages.


This simple slot machine game with just 3 paylines and 6 out of 8 ordinary fresh fruit symbols needs special attention especially of the professional players who are experienced and patient enough to formulate a strategy. They are able to make real cash while playing Elegant slot offering decent paytable, incredible random win multipliers (10×), several jackpot payouts, and highly concentrated matching symbols operating in a contemporary hi-tech environment. Play the Five Stars slot machine game and get most of the stars!