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Wizard of Oz is the newest slot machine brought to you by the software provider WMS. Relive the classic fairy-tale wonder which has brought magic and spectacle for generations. You can now experience the story on a 5×3 reel grid as you spin the reels for prizes and collect more than just the ruby slippers these times. Grab help from your own faithful companions and score on the30 paylines offered to get yourself the way home to a big win. Fulfill your wishes and make your cash dreams come true by using magical witches and crafty wizards.


From the famous movie, the Wizard of Oz has captured many hearts of people’s childhood. Completely years ago, people would love to get lost in its magic and wonder. This slot has done everything it may to ensure that the real feeling of the movie has been captured and preserved from the moment you click to play. The overall game will open with music from the 50s and immediately set the tone for the slot as you open the reels. You will begin to see the yellow brick road lead entirely to the emerald city. The town is considered your home of the fantastic Wizard himself.

The reels are large and bright. They truly are filled with color and set to the theme of the occasions when the movie was emerge. The audio itself will be slightly muffled to offer the sensation of watching a bit of media from the 1950s. Below will be the menu where you can access your betting settings. Pure emerald green coats within the whole screen. Even the sky in the backdrop has a slight tint of it. This really is to keep you remained concentrate on the main objective. It’s to get the Wizard and ask him for a win.


Play Wizard of Oz to earn prizes by landing up the numerous symbols that are on the basis of the movie. This includes characters, scenes and special magical objects. The more value they’ve, the bigger the reward will be. When you can land multiple winning combinations on the multiple paylines, you could earn a ton of prizes all within an individual spin of the reels. Landing the bonus features helps greatly, granting beneficial effects. It’s perfectly user-friendly and without trouble at all.

RTP with this particular product is calculated at around 95. 04%. This rating helps regulate how likely it’s for you really to score prizes. It can help offer you a nice outlook on everything you can win. Volatility is used to show the theoretical manner and frequency of winnings. Volatility with this free slot machines no downloads or registration is set to medium.


The paytable is an important part of the casino gambling process. On the paytable, it will demonstrate exactly how much each symbol combination is worth, and just how much they truly are worth in numerous combinations. Five of a form are worth significantly more than three of a form, for instance. The payout sizes will change appropriately, based on how much has been bet. It will likewise change where currency it really is using. The Australian version will use Australian dollars as yet another example. Here is what you are able to win with a bet of 0. 05:

Symbol descriptionSymbol Value (3x to 5x)
The fundamental paying symbols are the numerous items and props that have been found in the story. This consists of items such as for instance baskets, apples, lollipops, and the hourglass to represent enough time of the journey – small rewards but nothing major.Hourglass, Lollipop: 0.05 – 0.80

Basket, Apple: 0.05 – 1.00

The second tier of symbols may be the portraits of the numerous characters that star in the movie. This includes the wicked witch of the west, the great witch of the south, and the four main heroes of the journey. This includes Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, and Tinman.Wicked Witch, Toto the dog: 0.10 – 1.50

Glenda Goodwitch: 0.40 – 5.00

Four heroes: 0.50 – 7.50

The final tier of symbols may be the logos for the game and the prime jackpot. These can award the best amount and may benefit the player greatly if indeed they land them.Game Logo: 0.75 – 10.00

Jackpot: 1.00 – 120.00


The special promotion changes that utilize the unique symbols in the overall game will be the bonus features. These are all activated by landing them on the reels, and the bonuses straight away trigger. You will see these rules from the primary menu by accessing it from the setting below the reels. Here is what you’ll find from these bonuses:

  • The Wild of the game will become a replacement for other symbols in the slot. You should use this as an opportunity to fill out gaps for possible combinations, granting you better chances at winning altogether.
  • The Scatter is the Emerald City Feature. Landing three or even more of these will trigger the mini-game. Once begun, you must select from the list of emeralds from the Emerald Forest. The emerald will reveal the cash prize or a character. You need to select every one of the characters to become listed on you on your own journey if you want to earn the best cash prize at the conclusion. Including the Tinman, Scarecrow, and the Lion. There’s also locations you need to visit, including the Wicked Witch’s Castle and the Dark Forest.
  • Keep collecting every thing before Emerald City is unveiled. From there, you will be given a final task. A wheel will be there where you need to pick from four characters. Depending on which character you land will determine the prize and the ultimate confrontation with the Grand Wizard.


The ultimate way to increase your likelihood of success is with practice. Down load Wizard of Oz to see when you can learn everything you can with out the necessity to risk any a real income. The demo is available from the official site of WMS. It will utilize free play tokens instead, so no actual money will be needed seriously to play. There will be no down load or registration needed, aswell. Just log in and play at no cost. Once you are done practicing, you can begin trying out the real thing with these handy recommendations.

The goal of the game is always to try and reach the Emerald City utilizing the Emerald City Scatter. It could be difficult to accomplish, however , but the rewards for doing this are worth every penny. Even though you don’t make it to the end, the smaller rewards can still make it worth your while. Once you get to the wheel, it really is smooth sailing from there, as up to three prizes could be won no real matter what character will be selected. Remember to utilize the Wilds to make basic combinations easier to obtain as well.


WMS is really a subsidiary branch from the program provider, SG Digital. Also referred to as SG Gaming or Scientific Games, they have been designed with the most recent technology they can provide to other studios in order to produce some high-quality games. They’ve specialized in lots of land-based slot machines. The online industry has benefited greatly from the productivity they have made with games. The games include Zeus, Zodiac Sisters, and Fallen Angels, amongst others.


If you wish to see the most beloved movie of all time revisited as one of your favorite casino games, then this slot can deliver in every possible way. Even the gameplay feature is highly specialized in replicating the entire journey that is packed with magical whimsy and musical enchantment. There are great prizes available for those that complete the journey, rendering it that much more motivating to complete.


Where can I play for free❓

✅ You will find the demo version by visiting the state site of WMS/SG Gaming or from any other review site similar to this someone to look for a demo.

What casinos can you play this on❓

✅ WMS has a lot of partnerships to make the most of. With this, browse for licensed gambling websites.

What movie is this based on❓

✅ The initial movie that arrived on the scene in 1936 was the American made musical. It is widely thought to be one of the best films ever.

What is the jackpot❓

✅ The jackpot is labeled just as the highest rewarding symbol in the slot. When you can land five of these in a row, you’ll be rewarded with the largest payout, that will be 120.