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A free online slot machine game produced from the Halloween classic of 1978. The Halloween slot machine was created by the Microgaming pc software platform. The free slot games date back again to the Micheal Myers Halloween classic of the 70s. The movie might have been a vintage killing spree movie, but its storyline and relationship to the famous celebrations have gone a lot of players excited while playing the casino game.
The free slots no download no registration have a very scary sound and symbols that may put you in the mode straight away in order to complete. The Microgaming team did great work in the style and graphics of the free slots Halloween by not adding any card that the player would use to play or gems on the interface of the reels.
Halloween slot machine contains different characters from the movie acting as symbols, some scary animations with gunshots and screaming sounds included. The slot machine game free play contains 5×4 reels having or more to 50 golden paylines. Halloween free slots offer a lot of bonuses and jackpot opportunities to players.


Halloween video slot includes a lot of exciting features attached with it that has made it be noticeable among other Australian slots with this genre. A few of them include:

  • The wheel bonus round: this feature offers a new player the opportunity to earn more money prizes if they are lucky enough to get three wheel symbols or even more. The bonus doesn’t come as packed, it comes such as a mini-game which is termed ‘’trick or treats” if the player lands a goody he earns free spins and cash prizes and sometimes multipliers; otherwise, the player goes back to the main game without any accumulated win or prize
  • The bogeyman: that is a bonus feature that may be triggered if you land a Micheal Myers symbol. This bonus feature requires the player to prevent getting killed by Micheal in other to attain cash prizes and multipliers in the web slot.
  • The wandering wheels feature: this feature can be triggered if the reels are spinning, some parts or positions of the reels are covered with symbols that can generate cash prizes and free spins for players.
  • The slot has a high RTP that will make players who are able to win go back home with up to 500 times the total amount they found in placing their bet.
  • For the movie lovers: the visual effects and imagery that Microgaming utilized in creating the casino game would recreate most of the memories from the Halloween movie with the added thrill of the player having the ability to participate fully in the slot.


The classic slot allows users to stake with a coin. The coin ranges from $0. 06 to $4 whilst the highest stake that the + and – symbol on the screen can accumulate. The utmost stake a player can accumulate across a golden payline is $200.


The Halloween on the web would be a good pick for just about any gambler in Australia who loves slots as a result of the RTP. Absolutely, everyone wants big wins, but there’s absolutely no definite guide concerning just how to start it. Below are a few suggestions to consider.

  • Try to match the icons from left to right directions so as to gain the opportunity to win prizes
  • They have been a lot of symbols on the reels. The most valuable is the Laurie symbol. If you’re able to hit up to five of her symbols in a spin, then you prone to earn 10x the bet you placed on that particular pay line.
  • Look for wandering reels result in a large amount of characters appear there and may just land you multiple free spins or a cash payout.


Everybody loves the portability, a slot they can always play at any time without stress or hindrance of any sort. The Microgaming platform without a doubt is well-informed on that fact which made them create the Halloween free online slot machines with a platform that’s appropriate for any smartphone or laptop.


It has proven to be complicated to numerous newbies, they mist times find it hard to navigate through the numerous symbols and paylines that the overall game offers to its players.
Microgaming provided a demo version where users stake with a hard and fast amount supplied by the casino site in order to understand the gaming platform better and play Halloween for fun. You can access the demo version on the Microgaming site or at our site.


Microgaming Company did a huge job in the designs and graphics they used in bringing the movie back once again to life in form of a slot machine for all Halloween lovers to play. The theme song and symbols would keep every player in the mode of the scary movie during the gameplay.
The five reel slot is a really creative game from the Microgaming programs. Although it could be enjoyed mainly by lovers of the classic that doesn’t mean its design, bonus, and features can be overlooked. If you should be a Halloween lover, then this really is (from the high rating and reviews from most players) the very best game for you.