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It’s time for the next big baseball game, Hot Shot by Microgaming. Become the newest addition to the team, the hot-shot ballplayer. A hard-hitting baseball player should win the next game by hitting the house run. To do this, you will be spinning reels in a 5×3 slot machine. With up to 9 paylines to win on, you will need to make your hard earned money count. Line up the pockets and hit the ball to score yourself the bigger prizes. You should use special bonuses to provide you with that winning edge in free spins and Wilds. From the program provider, Microgaming, the brand new slot comes in countries such as Australia, great britain, and a whole lot more.


If you value the activity of baseball and want to see what it’s want to indulge in an authentic game, then you will see quite the closest thing to it from the security of your home. Players might find everything baseball-themed in this slot from the bats to the balls, the pitches to the catching mitts. It’s all here to provide you with all you need to replicate being a standing audience in an actual live game. The way the back ground seems like a Vegas LED board is yet another way to entice you in the excitement of the match.

For the reels, it is on this board that the slot will be set. You will have lights surrounding the entire field, and they will form patterns throughout the side of the screen. There will be a color to brighten you up as you play for fun. A musical tune and visual spectacle will require place once you score your self a big win. All recognizable musical scores further add the impression of watching baseball. The game is taken to life like nothing you’ve seen prior, and you can even like a snack or two from the comfortable surroundings of your own home.


If you wish to play Hot Shot, you got to check out the principles and find out how it all works. If you land the same symbol more than a few times in a row, you will score a payout. In the event that you land more in a row, a bigger payout is rewarded. Land multiple combinations on multiple paylines, and you may win multiple prizes within a spin. You will find nine paylines to work well with. Thus giving you plenty of room to simply take things slowly and not bet away an excessive amount of. The bonuses is there that will help you gain a much better chance of scoring altogether.

RTP is calculated at around 95. 56%. Thus giving the player averages likelihood of winning. Volatility is defined to medium, so there exists a good chance the bonuses can activate and help with your odds. So long as the player doesn’t make hasty bets, chances of winning may be within their favor.


A paytable could be the best tool for almost any newcomer to the slot. Should you want to know about most of the exact payouts you are able to win from landing symbols, the paytable can reveal all. It could even reveal just how many you will need to score specific payouts. Three of a form may be worth significantly less than five of a kind. In the event that you change your betting, the payouts will be changed too. Therefore make sure that you regularly check when you change the bet. Australian currency will be properly used in the Australia version, and British pounds will be utilized in the united kingdom version. Here is what you are able to win with a bet of 15. 00:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
The basic paying symbols are typical the confectionary food stands that one can find during a match. All of the different flavours and meats to keep your spirits up through the most exciting areas of the overall game, or, in cases like this, the web slot. Coffee: 1 – 50

Lollipops: 2 – 100

Popcorn: 3 – 150

Fries: 4 – 200

Hotdog: 5 – 250

The 2nd tier of symbols may be the attributes of baseball: the batter, the pitcher, and the beloved baseball cap. There clearly was even the strike sign, that may win you more if you land it. Two of a form may be landed with your. Baseball cap: 1 – 300

Pitcher: 2 – 500

Batter: 3 – 700

Strike: 4 – 900

The final symbol may be the magnificent Home Run. It is the objective for every single batter, which guarantees them a complete run around the field and a score of a singular, pivotal point. Home Run: 5 – 1,000


There are special rules for any kind of entertainment. For this casino slot, it’s all about the exclusive bonuses and features that will offer you that edge had a need to take home the big prize. These special mechanics may be just the ticket to get you that Home Run you deserve and the cash that lies behind it. Here is what to anticipate from the slot:

  • The Wild of the slot is the Wild Ball. This special ball has got the capacity to replacement for every single other symbol in the overall game independent of the Scatter. Use it to fill in gaps for possible combinations and earn significantly more likelihood of winning.
  • The Scatter is the golden Trophy. This Trophy can land anywhere on the reels but still count so long as you will find three of them in attendance. They are able to achieve their particular payout that can remain separate from the other combinations. It adds that extra layer of focus on your score. Also, it generates your bet just that a lot more worthwhile.
  • No other bonuses such as free spins or mini-games are linked to the Scatter. There is certainly just an additional bonus payout towards your general winnings.


You can download Hot Shot for free at casinos where the download option is available. On our site, you can access the free play no download version of the slot to enable you to practice and never having to spend any real cash. The advantages of demo imply that you won’t need certainly to risk your own finances if all that’s necessary to complete is merely learn the guidelines. There is absolutely no extra download or registration needed. Just good old-fashioned fun with no stress of betting your a real income. Nevertheless , once you start playing for real, you will be assured that you will have no changes to the overall game whatsoever.

The real thing is simple to play and very simple to learn. The bonus mechanics such as the Wild and the Scatter will need care of themselves typically. All you have to do is to try to land them to reap the advantages. Overall, it’s pretty simple gameplay. Just ensure that you choose your larger bets wisely as you only have so many paylines to utilize. Naturally, the RTP rating is average, and volatility is medium. Therefore the chances of winning are average and standard.


Microgaming is amongst the top tier providers in the whole world. Their work and connections reach all over the world thanks to the work and established network they’ve instituted in to nearly every element of on the web gambling. The casino industry has had the oppertunity to achieve great advantages from the work that provider has made, turning the best of games into ground-breaking crowd-pleasers. They’ve even won a lot of awards for his or her efforts, focusing on innovation and developing a stronger community of players to help make the business better for everyone.


Baseball is a fantastic theme to be properly used for a slot game. In the end, sports betting is still pretty popular, and baseball is one of the major contributors. Converting it into a video slot for players to use is an impressive way to expand its gambling capabilities. It is also the perfect slot for a beginner gambler, whilst the bonuses are extremely straightforward , nor require that much concentration. Here, you are able to work on just enjoying the show whilst earning whatever you are able to.


Where can I play for free?

The official site of Microgaming has one demo offered to download and play. There are also one from review sites shared throughout the internet.

How many bonuses are there?

Independent of the Wild Ball and Trophy Scatter, there are no other bonuses. You should use both of these sparingly to win additional money.

Is there a jackpot?

There is no official jackpot, apart from the big win scored through the Home Run combination.

Which casinos can I play this game on?

Microgaming has plenty of connections to high-value places where this slot can market from.