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Rainbow Riches is all about getting rich by hopping on that rainbow. Great winnings and fantastic prizes could never be better to get. With the aid of a budding leprechaun and his bags of gold, you can win huge prizes with new features introduced by computer software provider, Barcrest. For sale in the united kingdom, Australia and lots of areas, this 5×3 slot machine has up to 10 paylines to win on. You can play clearer than ever before with easy-to-learn bonuses and some promotions offers to greatly help get you started. All you need to get rich is just on the finish of the glorious rainbow, so visit and revel in the ride.


Following a classic tale of the fantastic Irish folklore, players will be greeted in the overall game with the luxurious leprechaun and his magical bag of gold. As soon as you start the overall game, a bunch of sparkles will be surrounding the screen which will come straight from the leprechaun’s hand. When the magic dust settles, the reels will be presented for your requirements with a huge rainbow that towers behind it. The hills that lay in the back ground have a purple tint over them. These changes colour the more winnings you receive.

When the free slot no download officially starts, you are greeted with a 5×3 reel grid. The surrounding layer is covered head to toe with golden carvings, taken straight out from the architecture of traditional wooden houses of the medieval era. Every one of the symbols are lightened up with a golden sheen. They shimmer within the reels showing you simply how valuable these big win prizes are. In the event that you land the special symbols, there will be some step by step 3D animations of the leprechaun as he congratulates you on your own victory. The vast majority of the special symbols have a popping feature that comes from the reels and provides you eye-catching visuals.


To play Rainbow Riches, all you could must do is press the glowing red button to spin the reels and see what you get. Land the same symbols in a row to score yourself a combination. According to what combination you get will determine how much money you get. You’ll be able to land multiple combinations within a single spin if you’re able to land them on multiple of the 10 payline on the reels. If you land the bonuses, you can find more opportunities to win, that may even lead to bigger winnings altogether.

The RTP is calculated at around 95%. This offers a good chance for you to achieve some prizes. The volatility of the game also ranges from medium to high. Which means that gleam good potential for bonus features activating to provide you with better odds at winning. It could range drastically, however , so be sure you play methodically and don’t place considerable amounts of bets at any random moment.


Each symbol may be worth something different. The paytable is designed to demonstrate the total amount of what each symbol is worth along with simply how much you can make with respect to the amount of these you have landed in a row. The more of a kind you have, the bigger the prize. Landing five symbols of a sort is worth more than three identical symbols. The currency will differ based on which version you are playing, which range from Australian dollars to British pounds. Here are the sum total payouts created using the absolute minimum bet of 1. 00:

Symbol DescriptionPayout Range
The basic paying symbols are the traditional card numbers that can be found in most casinos online. These are all lit up in different colours to differentiate them from others.10, J, Q: 0.25 – 5.00

K, A: 0.50 – 7.50

The second-highest symbol may be the logo of the title. Rainbow Riches covered in golden clovers and borders that help it illuminate the whole of the reels. This could also be landed with two of a sort.Rainbow Riches logo: 0.10 – 12.50
The highest paying symbol is the golden coin named Wild. As well as the Wild, it offers the largest payout you can win with the normal method. It can also be landed two in a row as well.Golden Coin: 0.10 – 25.00


The slot includes incredible new bonus features that perfectly mix together classic casino gaming with new and improved functionality. You need to use these bonus symbols to offer yourself a better edge because winning potential. Some tips about what the list of features can do for you:

  • The Wild of the overall game may be the Golden Coin. This will even have the term Wild etched into it. This can act as a substitute for other symbols and can help fill in the gaps for possible combinations.
  • The Leprechaun is the one who represents the trail to Riches icon. If you land three or even more of him, you are able to activate this bonus and trigger a wheel. Spin the wheel to observe many spaces you take on the rainbow path. Continue spinning until you land a collection prize, or your leprechaun reaches the end of the path for the larger prize.
  • Land the Wishing Well bonus 3 times in a row. Players arrive at choose a well out of a few to see the type of multiplier they are able to get to increase their winnings.
  • The Pots of Gold bonus brings about golden, silver and bronze pots on the field. An arrow begins spinning and points to which jackpot will be awarded. A golden pot can add 500 times your initial bet.


If you’d like some practice beforehand, you can download Rainbow Riches free of charge on the internet, or play on our site. This free play version will let you play to your heart’s content and never having to worry about spending any a real income. Which means that you are able to learn all of the rules and become accustomed to the RTP ratings without having any risk come to your finances. No registration or down load time is necessary. If you are willing to play the genuine article, you are able to quit the demo and take to registering with a casino which has this title available.

The three bonus features are your best bet at winning. They have everything that you’ll need to get most of the biggest prizes and never having to spin most of the reels to get yourself a hefty sum. The trail to Riches bonus can offer a great mini-game that may involve skill in spinning the wheel. The Pots of Gold and Wishing Well bonuses are randomized, so give your self some extra luck to see if you score well. Regardless, there is absolutely no downside to landing them; always shoot for them when you can.


Barcrest is actually a studio branch that’s linked to SG Gaming. SG is a massive company which has grown large within the internet gambling industry. They’ve connections to a large number of different studios that have all had the oppertunity to create supreme quality games thanks to the resources provided. It really is thanks to their community that they have been able to attain a far-off program to greatly help support dozens of independent providers around the globe. This, by extent, expands their globalization to create them a well-known name in the business. They have currently struck a deal that has let them reach the Nordic areas on the market.


Rainbow Riches offers a simple undertone but hides many new games beneath its surface. The numerous other ways to win offer a fantastic new feature that comes so naturally to the player. If you want a steady game that doesn’t throw a lot of obstacles the right path but nonetheless brings fun and excitement, then this is actually the slot that you should be playing.


Is there a jackpot to be won?

You are able to score the jackpot by landing on the Golden Pot throughout the Pots of Gold bonus. You are able to gain 500 times your initial stake.

Where can I play for free?

The free version is found on the state internet site of Barcrest (or SG Gaming), or you can find it on helpful review websites.

What other Barcrest games are there?

There have been two sequels produced to the title. Rainbow Riches Megways and Rainbow Riches Gold.

Where can I play for real money?

Many casinos connected to SG can have this title available.