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Novomatic, the provider of numerous branches and divisions, has released their most ambitious slot game yet, packed with creative sparkle, fresh some ideas and regular RTP. The Alchemist slot is a fresh game that delves into the magical world of wizardry and sorcery. Use all sorts of powerful magics to unveil the largest mysteries of the world and set a course for a grand adventure. Mix together potions, befriend ancient creatures and form bonds with powerful allies as you unlock bigger and bigger rewards with every successful spell in this slot game. Only you have the power to unlock the untold potential with you and unleash your magical powers to create amazing treasures when you decide to play The Alchemist for free.
As part of the Novomatic technological movement, they promise that The Alchemist slots may have updated graphical software along with advanced level mechanics present in the countless games of modern gambling. The Alchemist video slot promises to achieve further than before whilst staying close to its roots. It is certainly a casino game that’s filled up with a lot of variances, using the theme of magic to produce an innovative system to entice you into its intricate gameplay. Its demo play version is readily available for all Novomatic operators from Australia, US, Europe and many other corners of the world that are element of its global network.


The Alchemist game introduces players to the world of alchemy and other magical properties attached to it. The origin of Alchemy itself hails from science of most places. It’s the fundamental proven fact that any such thing may be changed into any such thing giving the right chemicals, extracts or experimental practice. The main rumour has it that they can produce gold out of lesser elements, and that’s exactly where you can be found in. Employing a mixture of alchemical concoctions along with primary magical sources, the player will be accessing these powers in order that they too can produce gold from the lesser symbols directed at them.
To begin with, the truly amazing wizard will be offering his assistance, granting you tutelage in this magical practice. His friends, such as the talking owl and adorable dragon, will be employing their own powers to give you bonus spells and other boons to your work. Spellbooks, potions and another types of materials will be here to provide all you need to succeed in your mission to create the gold of your dreams. In The Alchemist slots, there’s a wealth of opportunities when you are playing. So use your magical wit and see what is out there for you.


Here is the list of spells and powers that are offered to you to be able to flourish in your mission to produce your treasures. Use these bonus powers and promotion schemes to help elevate the degrees of everything you thought possible and unlock the actual potential of The Alchemist online slot.

  • Unlike most other slot games, The Alchemist online has a symbol that acts as both the Wild and the Scatter, granting bonuses that are included with both elements. As the Wild, it can substitute any other symbol in the overall game, allowing you more chances to win. As the Scatter, it may reward you with free spins and other bonuses that are included with it. Just consider the Spellbook, as this will be your precious Wild/Scatter combo.
  • Throughout the Scatter free spins, the Spellbook could have the ability to turn some of the ordinary symbols in to gold. Once this happens, the gold symbol will need on the exact same properties as Wild. This gives you a lot more odds of winning a combination. What’s more, is that if you score more Spellbooks during the free spins, these offer you more spins and more symbols that can become gold. Keep transmogrifying symbols so that you can have endless opportunities for winning.
  • When you win a payout, you’ll have the possibility of gambling your cash. Simply select the gamble option for a potential for doubling your score, in the event that you guess the proper card suit, however.


In The Alchemist slot game, you’ll find this paytable of good use in showing you just how much each symbol is worth. This gives you insight in to which ingredients can most useful be utilized to come up with the best kind of treasure. Observe that these payouts would be the result of a $0. 4 bet.

Symbols and Their DescriptionPayouts for 3-5 Identical Icons
The most basic paying symbols in the game are the traditional card numbers that can be found in most casinos online. A classic nod to old classic gambling but with the magical font to keep you entranced.10, J, Q: 0.10-2.00
K, A: 0.10-3.00
The second tier of symbols may be the magical properties that can assist you in creating your alchemy. The helpful owl, the cute dragon and the many talismans all have different payout bonuses.Owl: 0.10-5.00
Potions: 0.10-10.00
Dragon: 0.20-14.00
The final tier is the grand wizard himself and the magical spellbook used in your powerful concoctions. These offer the highest rewards with the spellbook awarding the very best.Wizard: 0.20-20.00
Spellbook: 4.00-20.00

Not that different countries will have different currencies to work well with. If you are playing the Australian version, like they’ll use CA currency.


Since there is only 1 way to be the very best, it’s a great way to begin. In the end, no great wizard or witch can begin off talented. The hard must be there for the sweet rewards to be that much sweeter. Spellbook may be the key to improving. It has everything required to be a better alchemist from filling out potential combinations to creating more Wilds for you to take advantage. It is vital to aim for this symbol as much as you are able to. Even though you land three or maybe more of these and get your free spins, you shouldn’t stop there. Land them again to get more free spins and more gold symbols. Keep this going until you activate a spread throughout the board which turns it all in to gold providing you a guaranteed in full, massive payout from all paylines.
If you can gamble this option and earn double that, then that produces this whole process even better. However , be warned that applying this option will not guarantee a win, so it’s best to do this at your own risk or you lose all of the money you been employed by so hard to get.


The Alchemist demo version is designed for you to play at your own leisure and to not risk hardly any money from your own actual bank account. This demo is found available from the state Novomatic site or from any game review website that provides it. The Alchemist free slot allow you to use free play tokens rather than a real income, letting you practise at the overall game and start to become better acquainted with the principles and find out how it could play.
If you wish to play the overall game for real cash, then you must first register with a casino that has this game available. Simply explore the connections of Novomatic and its network to locate an operator which has this on. Once a merchant account has been made, you can find the payment method the casino gives you and deposit a real income in to the game at your option, permitting you to win actual awards for playing.


Novomatic reaches the leading of a growing business that aims to improve higher up than any other brand in the internet casino industry. Providing games that explore new realms of possibilities, the organization earned over five. 1 billion in revenue only a year ago in 2019. They’ve more than 30, 000 employees all over the world, allowing them access to the industry’s full developments and how they are able to contribute towards it. With 50 countries across its network, the brand can desire to create new games for individuals every-where with little to no download speed becoming the top name in online software production.


Here is what you should expect from The Alchemist in a more summarised explanation:


  • Alchemist combines both Wild and Scatter into one symbol, meaning you can keep things simple and shoot for any particular one to get all of your bonuses.
  • Explore a magical world that goes back once again to classic fairy tales – now putting you on the centre stage.


  • The gameplay itself can be too simple if individuals are looking for a game with a bigger gameplay feature, meaning veterans might not prefer it.
  • The RTP rate is fairly low, however, as this is to balance the easy-to-obtain bonuses.


The Alchemist takes everything you love about magical worlds and puts you straight into the shoes of a spellcasting sorcerer. Using the enchanted spellbook to make gold gives you that feeling of satisfaction whenever you score a win proving that your effort can continually be rewarded, even if it’s magical work.


What Is the Slot RTP?

The Alchemist RTP is calculated at around 94.62%.

Are There Other Bonuses to Make Use Of?

In addition to the Spellbook and the Gamble option, there is not. Make use of both of these features to unlock the gold symbols.

Are There Any Inspirations the Game Takes Off?

A heavy inspiration is the classic Disney movie, “The Sword in the Stone”, as this also had an agreeable wizard. The Art style is comparable as well.