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Wizard of Oz Slot Review

Wizard of Oz slot

Wizard of Oz Slot is a beautifully designed Alice in the Emerald City game. The main goal, as in any other online game, is to get good dividends from your bets. Borrowed amounts are one of the main monetary units acceptable for betting on gaming machines. To take out a loan, you need:

  • Win a slot machine.
  • Borrow from the market.
  • Take as a friendly souvenir.
  • Take as a reward for registering at the casino.

Member’s personal account. In it, you can post information about yourself, be interested in the history of games and get acquainted with the available information on the accounts of other participants in the game. To carry out these manipulations, you need to enter the “Menu” panel and from there go to the “My Profile” tab.

To change the picture and personal data, you will have to activate. Put an icon from a social page or an image of some character. It is necessary to provide the name, gender relationship, indicate your coordinates and social status. At this point, you can extract information about the game indicator, the preferred slot and the biggest win in the past month.

Game Rules & Demo

How to make a bet on the Wizard of Oz Slot machine? Decide on a gaming machine, make a cash deposit and start the gaming process by clicking on the “Spin” button. The number of loans available on a given slot can be found by looking at the compensation table.

What is Wizard of Oz Slot machine strategy? For a long gameplay, you need to stock up on the necessary amount of loans. Therefore, the game takes into account the resource of soft loans. The higher your gaming score, the more often you can use a preferential loan.

Auto spin. This mode is intended for auto-spinning of a gaming machine with a certain rate, so as not to press endlessly on the “Start” button. To start the gameplay, you need to hold your finger on the “Start” key for two seconds, to stop, press the same button again. To speed up, you need to find in the Fast play regulation.

Disk spin. It is really possible to win subsequent promotions during the start of gaming machines, earning loans. The more loans you win, the more often the disk spins for you. The number of promotions has a limit, do not miss visiting the Explore and board, to exploit the received promotions.

Game Details & Features

Wizard of Oz Slot game will pleasantly surprise even experienced players. The player enters the wonderful world of a fairy tale, where bright and unusual flowers and twinkling fireflies are around. Internet design has included a variety of animation that is seen both in the decor and in the course of the script. 

Among the signs of the slot, players will see all the characters of the fairy tale, the image of which is presented in full of the help of beautiful images. Playing mastering the Internet game will plunge into a fairy tale.

Horsey bank. At the beginning of the game, access to the bank is prohibited, it is possible to uncork it with a certain number of loans won. By clicking on the image of the horse, you can see the amount of all raised loans. 

The bank is enriched after the successful start of the slot machine or the implementation of shopping. If a certain amount of money comes to the bank, you can use a special invitation to purchase a loan.

Required to be input amount. The amount of money at your disposal should predispose you to the possibility of launching the slot about a hundred times. The result will be an average profit. When the rate is maximum and ten spins, then you will most likely be left even without loans given to you.

Wizard of Oz review


What are the symbols?

What signs are available on the gaming platform:

  • A bucket filled with water;
  • Sand clock;
  • Owl;
  • Broom;
  • Magic hat;
  • Palace of the Sorceress;
  • 3 comrades;
  • Enchantress;
  • Wizard of Oz Slot jackpot;
  • Special sign;
  • Wild image.

All images here are individual and have good multipliers.

Is there a bonus round?

The special stage has 12 spins of the circle, and it is offered completely without depositing money. At the same time, pictures with multipliers similar to the main game will appear on the 5th playing field, but the highest index in them will already show x20. This means that players can get wonderful free spins rewards.

Is there a demo mode?

In reality, even the simplest investments in the Wizard of Oz sample do not attract potential players. Many do not want to invest at all. For this, there are training tours (Wizard of Oz Slot online free), where loans are taken in internal currency, bets are also made with a non-existent monetary unit, which takes place only in the game. You get the winnings in the same unit. This is a good way to learn the strategy of a gaming machine.

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