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Bier Haus slot is a fun new game presented by the upcoming developers at WMS. With this new slot game, it’s exactly about the newest Oktoberfest where folks from around the world come and be a part of this glorious German festivity. There clearly was beer, food, partying, music and a number of shenanigans that the gambler will get when playing. Folks from all over the globe, including Australia and the united states, may come and be a part of most of the great things you are able to witness. This will require place in the glorious Bier Haus on the web slot, filled with colour and splendour galore.
WMS on the web is proud to present to you the Bier Haus game which certainly highlights the very best areas of this festival, including artwork of a glorious locale for where in fact the party may take place. A conventional German castle high in a lovely backdrop of mountains and forests. You can also find pleasant maids who will come serve your every need with the bonus rounds in demo play. The promotion of this game suggests that WMS cares about creating a chance for the ones that crave culture and terrific sights along adequate RTP. Even if you choose to play Bier Haus free of charge, it’ll deliver all this and more.


Bier Haus video slot online free is about providing you the authentic Oktoberfest experience. More commonly recognized to some as a beer festival or travelling funfair, the big event may be the largest of its kind that is held yearly in Germany for generations. It is a significant part of the Bavarian culture, and it’s the player’s job to see that the celebrations set off with no hitch, as well as take part in them yourself. As you play, you will discover more treasures and prizes from all the activities element of it. The activities you will see will be beer drinking, dance competitions, music performances and even more. It’s all for you to discover as WMS brings together the very best parts in one handy little free play slot game.
Even the positioning is all to do with the festival, combining the whimsical German countryside with the amusements of the festival to get lost in. The game’s animations also help create that fantasy world that players try to find in an Oktoberfest. Including large tents and classic pubs that serve delicious beverages. Luckily, you can’t actually win any beer in this but instead money for you to buy said beer.


Bier Haus no download slots games have many bonus games and promotional campaigns to provide you with lots of other ways to win. The best prices, of course, come from these fun activities that represent the true spirit of Oktoberfest.

  • The beer pints will be the Wild of the overall game. Being the main symbol for Oktoberfest, it could seem sensible this beverage can substitute any other symbol in the overall game and help you earn significantly more winnings. The thing the beer does work on may be the festival waitresses.
  • The gorgeous waitresses are the ones who activate the Gold Feature of the overall game. All three of these waitresses dress similar but have different styles to tell them apart. Landing these girls in an absolute combo will award the player with free spins, to which special symbols will be activated.
  • If the Gold Feature is active, the waitresses will become locked wilds. Which means they’ll remain in place for every other free spin that comes afterward. Landing more waitresses ensures that you can generate more free spins and secure more Wilds. Up to 80 free spins could be activated, so chain together the free spins to achieve more opportunities and make winning easier.


That is a compiled set of all of the symbols you can win from in combinations. Each kind of symbol is made of different values and will be grown bigger according to just how many of the symbol you have landed. The examples shown will be from the maximum bet variance.

Symbols and Their Description Payouts for 3-5 of a Kind
The essential paying symbols in the game would be the different coloured card suits. Including the diamond, club, heart and spade. The purple club, blue spade, pink diamond and red heart: 10.00 – 100.00
The 2nd tier of symbols are worth more money and therefore are shown whilst the various items you can find at Oktoberfest – pretzels, hats, trumpets and dozens of other items. Pretzels, hats, trumpets: 20.00 – 150.00
Back of cards, beer mug and festival Haus: 20.00 – 200.00
The highest paying symbols in the overall game are shown as the two main top features of the festival – the painting of a jolly German and the massive beer mug for the patrons. The painting of the German: 30.00 – 300.00
The Big Beer Mug: 30.00 – 400.00

The currency to place bets with is based on whichever location the overall game is played in – CA, GBP or USD that will be converted appropriately.


There are numerous kinds of symbols you need to use to win some money. The lowest-paid symbols will be the card suits, therefore for that reason they truly are easy and simple ones to have and land in combinations. Should you want to gain more odds of winning, it’s better to attempt to find the Wild symbols to be able to replace symbols and get the winnings previously.
The free spins feature, like the Gold features, will be how you can keep boosting your winning more and more. The free spins are activated by landing the waitresses, landing more of the same type will activate the special feature that originates from these spins. Locked Wilds are essential to secure your self a better chance with each win. The more free spins you earn, the more chances of getting Locked Wilds. That, in turn, awards more odds of securing a combination. Keep this chain going for so long as possible (up to 80 free spins) to be able to keep carefully the wins coming. If you’re having difficulty, simply earning winnings from free spins is enough to maximise your investment returns.


Bier Haus free slot is an option that players may take if indeed they wish to play the overall game without spending real money. In the Bier Haus demo, players may use free play tokens to invest on the overall game without even touching their real cash account. In this manner, players cannot risk losing their money whilst they truly are recovering knowledgeable about the overall game. Additionally it is the easiest method to get some practice in the demo and develop your skills first prior to starting spending your actual money in the hopes of winning some.
To play the game with actual money, this requires you to register with a casino first. One which has use of the game because of their partnership with WMS. Find an operator which includes this connection and has got the game for sale in their collection. You are able to, luckily, check up on this before you subscribe. Once you’ve signed up, then you’re able to select your payment method from the choices that the casino provides. Deposit money in to the Bier Haus on line with the selected payment method and revel in winning a real income as without a doubt.


WMS Gaming is element of a sub-category for the SG Digital company site. Focusing on providing operators with well-developed games and tech, WMS turns its attention towards building reputations as a provider. Using cutting-edge platforms to create engaging works of art that provide players plenty to work well with when it comes to winning money, little to no down load speeds. Many iconic titles have been produced beneath the watchful eye of SG Digital, going for the supervision needed from world-class professionals to produce the very best kind of games there is. Including usage of great technology, such as for example CPU-NXT 3 Processors and high-definition displays.


Listed here is a set of pros and cons that the slot game has. It’s up to you if whether they’re deal-breakers or not.


  • Has fun and energetic theme that offers you plenty to get stoked up about. Oktoberfest is shown beautifully through this visual art style.
  • The game has great replay value with chances to obtain additional and more bonuses through chaining them together, allowing hours of gameplay and excitement.


  • Options are limited in terms of bonuses. There clearly was only one way to get big wins, and it is through the free spins and locked Wilds together.


Bier Haus slot game is filled with culture and partying – two parts that everyone loves once they carry on holiday. Feel liberated to enjoy this huge event in the shape of a colourful slot game from the comfort of your house. Keep playing for more chances of winning and become rewarded for your beer time dedication.


Can I play the Bier Haus slot machine for free?

Obviously! You can play Bier Haus slot at no cost below on top-canadiancasinos. com. No download and registration required

What Is the RTP?

Bier Haus RTP is calculated at around 92.01%.

What Is the difference between the feature and gold feature?

The feature is simply the total amount of free spins earned through the waitresses. Waitresses with a purple background unlock the Gold Feature which locks the Wilds set up during the free spins.

Is Bier Haus helped produced by SG Digital?

WMS is a branch of SG Digital but remains created by them. SG Digital only provides the resources and connections.