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Frog Hunter online can be an all-new video slot created by the renowned computer software provider, Betsoft. This swamp-tastic slot is created with the bayou at heart, and all method of critters are becoming involved. Frog Hunter slot game is a 5×3 slot machine to purchase helpful reptiles looking for new domiciles and food. Help them travel the swamp by spinning the reels, and also you could be rewarded with a big win and even better benefits. You may also find some nice watermelons or run into the terrifying crocodile that lies under the watery depths. It’s your decision to try and look for the frogs, to help you rescue them from a swampy grave.


If you have seen animated movies about frogs, then you definitely are likely to love the Frog Hunter slot machine game. Every thing about this is met with puerile, cartoon design. The frogs who are traveling are wearing bow ties and dresses. The backdrop is filled with the murky design of the bayou, packed with marshes, trees, lakes, ponds, and moss in terms of a person’s eye can easily see. Hidden in this gross environment may just be hidden fruits and other delectable concoctions fit for the frogs to have a bite out of on their travels. Be on the lookout for the scary crocodile. You can view him swimming in the background while the player is spinning the reels.
As you play Frog Hunter, there might be a lot of new features to look forward to as you win by landing combinations of identical icons on any of five paylines. The moment you start, the screen will be filled up with many details. To enhance the journey part of the overall game, the players will be landing special lily symbols so that the frogs can travel throughout the pond. These will offer you bigger prizes to the player the more you land. Landing the frogs themselves will be your direct way to the greatest bonuses of these all. Other bonus features should come from the combinations. Be sure to be aware of casino operators that have promotion campaigns.


The Frog Hunter casino game includes a calculated RTP rate of around 94%, with the big wins from the bonuses and special offers. With only five paylines to win on, players are encouraged to indulge in these special mini-games in order to gain the most out of your bets. The game encourages a mixed combination of collectability and strategy in order that players can have fun whilst they work at the prizes. This can also help gain you some experience for when you need to tackle even harder on the web gambling games, providing you with a taste of friendly difficulty with the Frog Hunter slot.


Below you will find your self a paytable that showcases how much each symbol will be worth. This is the best to see what you would be winning if you score a required combination. The more of a kind you score, the bigger your payout will be. Five of a sort will be worth in excess of earning three of a form. Remember that the payout changes depending on simply how much you bet. This will connect with all combinations. Here’s what you are able to win with among the smaller bets made:

Symbol DescriptionSymbol Value (3 to 5 of a Kind)
The fundamental paying symbols will be the fruits that one can find hidden in the swamp. These fruits give small prizes, however they are available everywhere in the marshes, making them common to locate.Cherries: 3 – 50
Lemons: 5 – 60
Plums: 10 – 80
The 2nd tier of symbols will pay higher. This will be one of many fruits but also two other animals that live in the bayou – the life-threatening crocodile and the harmless dragonfly, both that the frogs will encounter on the journey.Watermelons: 15 – 100
Dragonfly: 20 – 100
Crocodile: 30 – 100
The best paying symbols will be the frogs themselves – the couple who are travelling together as they hunt for food. You will observe that symbols following the watermelon pay 100, nevertheless they also pay higher with the three of a form.Both husband and wife: 25 – 100
Wife: 60 – 100
Husband: 60 – 100

The littlest bet that you can make in the game is a complete of 0. 02. The best bet that one can make in the overall game is a complete of five. 00. The bets may be altered and adjusted with the setting found below the reels. You are able to change the amount of lines you are betting on whilst also adjusting the coin value size as well. If you are playing a different localized version of the overall game, the currency will change according to the factor. For instance , the version for Australia will be having to pay the Australian currency. You will see the paytable from any moment after having a spin, at the info page situated in the settings menu.


You will find quite a few features you should use to your benefit when you down load Frog Hunter. A lot of which could come in the shape of multipliers and stuff like that. From both Wilds and Free Spins, you can be up to winning a lot more than just 100 from earning five of a kind.
The very first thing you should note may be the power to double or triple your winnings after each score. In the event that you choose double, the overall game will reveal four symbols. If you can guess which of those hides the reward, you should have double the prize. In the event that you choose triple, you need to guess which of three hides the special reward instead.
While you will find no exact Wilds in the game, this will consist for in terms of the dragonfly. The dragonfly has a special power whenever it is unveiled on the reels. This will grant a multiplier to either the male frog or the female frog. The female will be worth 2x the rewards. The male will be worth 3x the rewards. Allowing you win a payout of 200 or 300 based on which one you can score in a combination.
The lily pad mini-game is where you are able to get a lot more than you imagined. In the event that you land three or maybe more of them, this will trigger a mini-game that will award you with free spins and bigger multipliers. Your work is to choose the lily pads for the frogs to hop on, to allow them to make it to the finish of the pond. Similar to the arcade game “Frogger”. The farther you get over the pond, the larger your multiplier will be, between 2 – 20x your initial bet. Be careful of the center row, as the crocodile may be around to consume the frogs and end your multipliers.


It’s ok if you want to get some practice first before you tackle a slot which has a mini-game in it as well. You will be very happy to understand that a free play no download slot version is offered to people who wish to play the overall game and never having to spend any real cash or down load the registrations. Simply go to the official site of Betsoft or from any review site that has it in their roster and you may find the demo ready and waiting. The demo works a similar as the original, so there is no bother about the difference when playing the real thing.
Once you start playing for the true prizes, it’s best to try your hardest and get those lily pads, not only does it provide a nice, fun distraction from just reel spinning, it’s also the important thing to winning your self tremendous winnings. That is one particular matters where it requires timing and patience. You need to produce it as far over the pond as you are able to to get the greatest multipliers. After you have done therefore then you’re able to triple or double these winnings with the other mini-game. Add both bonuses together, and you can turn a payout of 100 right into a payout of over 1, 000.


Betsoft is one of those providers that love to create and design innovative games. What they love the most provides a platform for players to see these some ideas brought to life and supply exciting gameplay along with it. Games like Quest to the West and The Hive involve incorporating a large number of mini-games in to winning prizes. Players won’t ever be bored if they are playing a product by Betsoft. Be prepared to find amazing graphics and animations to accompany along side them, working to produce eye-popping visuals in your gambling experience.
Betsoft is already working towards establishing a vast network of s hoping to spread its reach to multiple different countries and employing help from other developers to make better content. They have received awards, sports deals, and other amazing achievements to help them grow better and better. There is still much more to result from Betsoft soon, so expect to see a lot more games within their portfolio.


It’s always nice to discover a slot machine that not merely works as a gambling slot but also provides something more to it than just spinning the reels. The lily pad feature is something to get especially excited about, as this may reward the player with every step they simply take and encourages far more interactivity than any other slot. From cute designs to daring escapades, the Frog Hunter slots are for anyone trying to find that little bit extra to their gambling experiences.


Is the game inspired by anything?

The art style and usage of our amphibian heroes are very loosely inspired by the hit Disney film The Princess and The Frog. The crocodile looks especially similar.

Are there any Wilds?

While there are numerous symbols that use a variety of bonuses, there is no real Wild of the overall game to be operated.How does the mini-game work?

The mini-game works just like the arcade, Frogger. In that game, the player must escort the frog across a pond by landing on the platforms without falling in to the water.