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The world is proud to present the luscious, powerful, and enigmatic Golden Goddess, delivered by the talented computer software provider, IGT (International Gaming Technology). Enter a global that is fuelled by the shining, shimmering elements where in actuality the ancient ruler oversees her kingdom with her astonishing beauty. Spin the reels to win over her favor, and she might just reward you with riches beyond imagining. Score a big win, and she’s going to provide you with enough riches to afford a palace in the clouds. This 5×3 reel free online slot no download no registration is filled up with a myriad of treasures. With up to 40 paylines to win money on, you may be sure to be blessed by the fantastic divine being herself. Play in countries such as Australia, the UK, and more.


Every thing relating to this slot just screams out luxury and sophistication. There was an aura around the style and theme that produces you feel such as the gods themselves. The entire backdrop is a cloud kingdom, complete with fancy pillars and temples that lay together with the clouds. Within the kingdom is a luscious garden high in roses and vines, where in fact the young lovers can walk around and ingest the sights, filling the atmosphere with romance. The Golden Goddess is pictured as beautiful as a maiden, with skin smooth as silk and hair as gold whilst the treasure.

After the game starts, players will be seeing the rest of the 5×4 reel grid covered in gold aswell. Floral patterns with a yellow shine will edge out the sides, and the garden will be seen entirely take on the edges of the screen. Whilst the reels spin, a musical song of birds chirping and harps playing will accompany the player because they play to win. You will see helpful suggestions shown above the reels to give you some advice on what to strive for, as they too glow with all of those other crucial details.


To play Golden Goddess, one must first deposit their money into the game after which proceed to spin the reels utilising the large spin icon on the screen. The target is to keep spinning reels until you land a mixed combination of the same symbol. This will award a payout predicated on everything you land. Land more of a form for a bigger payout. Land multiple combinations on different paylines, and you can win multiple prizes during a single spin. The bonus features will be used to assist you gain better likelihood of winning. The slot has not so difficult rules to check out a pretty aesthetic to keep you invested for some time.

RTP is calculated at around 96%. This rating can be used to simply help decide how a lot of your hard earned money you can regain from just how much you have already bet on. 96% is a reasonable rating to demonstrate that you have a solid enough chance of winning back your hard earned money after which some. The volatility rating itself can be regarded as low. What this means is the winnings occur simply speaking intervals an average of yet smaller in proportions. It really is ideal for beginner players.


A paytable is very important for a casino game. The purpose behind it’s to show you the precise worth of the symbols within the overall game, so you can search for reference at seeing everything you are going to win. Not only does it show the payouts, but it addittionally demonstrates how much you can gain from two of a sort to five of a sort. The payout may also differ for when you change your bet, to help you see what each bet will win you. The currency will even differ with respect to the version you are playing, such as for instance Australian Dollars being used in the Australian version. This is what you can win with a little bet of 1. 00:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
The basic paying symbols would be the traditional card numbers. On the web you can find these in many slots, they offer the tiniest prizes available. That have a gold, coloured touch to them to produce them shine. 10: 1 – 11

J: 2 -12

Q: 3 – 13

K: 4 – 14

A: 5 – 15

The next tier of symbols may be the two patrons of the garden and their respective emblems. One of which will be the magical deity herself and the other is her lover. Their emblems show the houses they belong to. Two of a kind may be landed with them. Dove Emblem: 5 –20

Horse Emblem: 5 – 30

Male God: 3 – 40

Female Deity: 4 – 50

The final symbol may be the game’s logo. This is shown in complete detail and awards the greatest prize possible for in the event that you land it. Logo: 10 – 1,000

Bonus Features of Golden Goddess Slot Machine

The bonuses of the title have too much to provide you with with regards to getting the most out of the beauty’s favour. A special promotion may be used to either boost your chances of winning, or they could be used to provide you with bigger rewards in the first place. Here is what you can expect to find as you play:

  • The Wild of the overall game is also the logo. As well as awarding the best prize of these all, it also acts instead for other symbols meaning you are able to complete gaps for possible combinations.
  • The Scatter may be the red rose. This Scatter has two split up powers that activate one after the other. The first is that it rewards free spins to the player. The more you land, the more free spins you can earn.
  • During the free spins, if you land the roses again, they will then have the power to transform in to the unveiled symbols. These will require the proper execution of other symbols on the reels and may score winning combinations.


If you wish to get some good practice in prior to starting playing for a real income, then your demo is where you should start. The free play version makes it possible for you to down load Golden Goddess without any registration or extra download time required. Simply start having fun with tokens or credits, and you may practice all you want without any risks visiting your finances. Allowing you learn most of the rules and see your skill to enhance. You will find the demo on the state site of IGT or from any review webpage similar to this one.

Once you have done practising, you can play for real and see how lucky you get. The bonuses have become useful, nevertheless they are rare to activate. This means that you will need to place your bets carefully so you are not wasting away money early on. Once the free spins have now been activated, the roses can create extra winnings for you. So , save your bets until there is a big possibility of you activating the free spins and shoot for the roses so you can roll yourself in bigger opportunities.


IGT, also called International Gaming Technology, is one of the top providers available. Located in London, they’ve provided for casinos in the united states with their vast variety of games and impressive technological improvements. They have been the runner up for just one of the very best innovators in the united states, with new a few ideas taken to life to improve the web gaming world. They’ve integral branches in both slots, sports betting, and so many more services in the name of fun gambling and premium quality entertainment.


Golden Goddess is seductive, tantalizing, and a wonderful setting for you to get lost in its wonders. There is certainly so much gameplay that is simplified for beginners that you could spend some time and enjoy the setting without stressing within the game mechanics. Let your heart show you with the power of real love and become rewarded handsomely because of it.


How many other games has IGT produced?

IGT has increased and invented other classic games such as for instance HexBreaker, Zodiac Lion and Super Star Poker.

What is the jackpot?

The greatest prize will come from scoring the game’s logo five times in a row. Additionally, it acts whilst the Wild, so it can come easier than expected. The jackpot is 25000000.

What mythology is the game based on?

Some would argue that the setting is very similar to roman mythos with the backdrop exploring the land of where in actuality the gods were considered to live.

Can I play for free?

You can down load the free version on the official site of IGT and any other review site like this the one that has use of the demo.