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The Montezuma slot is a new game developed by the innovative provider, WMS Gaming. Experience a rich adventure that takes you deep in to the depth of South usa, where you have only your wits along with your tools to work with you. In this deep jungle will you meet up with the legendary warrior who’s planning to establish his rule in the Aztec civilisation. You will find many issues with this culture, including statues and so on, to spin together and weave prize-winning combinations. The warrior himself may even assist you aswell, granting you his strength to accomplish greater things than ever before thought possible.
WMS Gaming is happy to enable you to get the Montezuma slot machine. Its unique features and RTP permit the player to have barrels of enjoyment whilst consuming the epic scenery of the culture and location. Even although you play Montezuma free of charge, you could notice several aspects given great detail that add a touch of luxury to an already impressive title. Because of the ever-growing network of WMS Gaming, you are able to enjoy particularly this slot game from and endless choice of locations, including Australia, US, Europe and areas of the world. The Montezuma slots are made for you personally along with your grand escapades, so be a part of the action now in demo play or an actual money mode.


Montezuma online is founded on the fifth emperor of the Aztec civilisation. His descendant being naturally named Montezuma II, who was simply the ninth emperor. It is said that Montezuma was a strong warrior who conquered the lands and basically founded the Aztec Empire in to what we realize of it today. The Montezuma game puts you straight into the heart of the action, in the period where in fact the man himself has just established the empire and is rewarding those individuals who have assisted in formation. You will be spinning the reels of the newly formed, Aztec temples, to land combinations and win amazing prizes for your time and efforts.
Because this really is an empire, all things considered, the overall game will be manufactured into a regular 5×3 video slot but have the potential to transform right into a 6×4 one because of the incredible work of the stone mechanisms. You’ll be put in the shoes of an actual explorer, uncovering most of the ancient secrets that the ruler has tucked away in his temples – utilizing their famous devices from their histories such as for instance sundials or trophies from the war. You can also find some helpful animals to provide you with a hand if you want it. No matter what you need, the Aztecs will give you in the Montezuma on line slot.


The Montezuma slot game features a ton of extra variance put into it to give you plenty of opportunities to win. From bonus games to promotion campaigns, the player is able to choose which bonus to go after and also to observe much it is worth pursuing.

  • The great pyramid is the Wild of the game. The Wild allows players to substitute any other symbol in any possible combination. Thus giving the player more odds of winning. These only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.
  • The Shield used in the ruler’s great battles may be the Scatter. If you land at least three or even more of them, the game will unlock free spins. According to just how many shields have already been landed, up to 25 free spins can be rewarded upon activation.
  • If the free spins are activated, the additional reels will be unlocked, transforming the game into a 6×4 reel slot instead. These extra reels can give you bonus multipliers depending on just how many successful combinations you were able to land on them. The multiplier can range between 2x to 10x the payout earned.
  • As a fully guaranteed feature of the game, any payout that rewards less than 10x multiplier on the payout will automatically increase the next reward to 10x during the round.


Listed here is a compiled list of most of the available payouts in the casino game. Rewards will depend on how many of the you land in a row. It’s going to provide you with a clear picture of the way the money you are able to win from each symbol through standard means. These email address details are from the minimum bets made:

SymbolsPayouts for 3-5 of a Kind
The basic paying symbols are the traditional card numbers that many casinos online use. They come in J, Q, K and A. These reward the lowest sums, with A awarding slightly higher.J, Q, K = 0.05 – 0.20
A = 0.10 – 0.25
The statues and artefacts that belong to the ruler will reward the 2nd tier of payouts. His animal companion, the falcon, is likewise rewarding money.Statue, Golden head = 0.10 – 0.25
Aztec crown, Falcon = 0.20 – 0.50
The ruler, Montezuma, and his queen by his side would be the highest paying symbols in the game. Montezuma will, of course, reward the best standard payout.Queen Chichimecacihuatzin = 0.20 – 1.00
Montezuma = 1.50 = 25.00

Know that currency and conversion rates will apply predicated on your local area. For instance , the Australian version will welcome CA currency, as the UK version may have GBP.


As with most free slots games, there’s always opportunities hidden in plain sight. When playing, you need to consider simply how much more you can win from simply targeting the bonuses rather than playing the standard method of winning combinations. The bonus with this game is these special requirements are easy and easy to obtain. The Wild will do its job naturally, giving you a much better chance at scoring in the event that you land just at least one of them. The main element to the big winnings will lie in the Scatter. The Scatter not merely awards free play spins, but inaddition it provides you with more reels to utilize. This advances the number of paylines you are able to win on; consequently , you are able to score much more combinations. The Wilds will still only appear on reel 2, 3 and 4, so keep that at heart.
The 10x multiplier guarantee also gives you a lot of comforts, as all you have to do to boost it to that number is always to score a previous multiplier. The multiplier is determined by whether you land more Scatters, ranging from 2x to 10x. But, if you score something along those lines, the 10x multiplier will be yours for your next win, providing you with an enormous winning over all.


The Montezuma demo is an available version of the overall game which allows players to play it without adding anything from their bank-account into it. Granted, they don’t win anything in exchange, but this demo allows players to practise with the overall game in order to find out how it works and become willing to play the genuine article. You will find the Montezuma free slot version on the official site of WMS Gaming.
If you want to play the game for real money, you will need to first register with a casino which has this game inside their roster, preferably, some one which has a partnership with WMS. After the account is all completely set up, you are able to select your payment method and begin depositing your hard earned money into Montezuma. Play the overall game for a possibility of earning real winnings.


WMS Gaming is a branch of Scientific Games. The provider includes a long history of developing an outstanding reputation, creating wonders which were treasured by the iGaming industry for quite some time. Among the better, brightest & most innovative services and products have all been produced by this wonder of a company using incredible technology to make games that are suited to all types of platforms, without down load extras, whether its for mobile or desktop. They especially pride themselves on paying extra close focus on what customers find most comforting about their games, providing for his or her every need and establishing trust with its players for generations to come.


Here is a compiled summary on what’s considered most advantageous about Montezuma, and what its shortcoming is as well. Utilize this information to judge for your self.


  • An amazing back ground that actually captures the essence of the South American forests. The detail in Aztec culture also brings in a little history.
  • The game has simple but rewarding bonuses.


  • RTP will differ on the bonuses you acquire, so be cautious of just how much you are prepared to bet just to get hold of the big winnings.


Montezuma is a great slot game for many who wish to experience an actual adventure using their gaming, including daring escapades to uncovering lost reassure. This video slot is packed with excitement that will offer great rewards for anyone that pull it off to the finish.


What Is the RTP?

Montezuma RTP is calculated at around 95.86%.

How Many Paylines Are There?

It starts off at 30 paylines, but more are included when the bonus reels are activated.

Is the Game Historically Accurate?

While the name remains the same, there is not much included with actual history.